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Argument From Ignorance of the Day: Last month, Bill O’Reilly argued that God exists because there is no explanation for the tides. Well, someone took the five seconds it takes to explain to Bill O’Reilly that it’s actually the moon’s gravity that sets the tides in motion. Bill O’Reilly quickly fired back at the “pinheads” with an airtight retort: How did the moon get there?

In case O’Reilly wants to humor himself with the answer, Bad Astronomy has a pretty thorough rebuttal.


Constitution Knowledge Failure of the Day: Watch Christine O’Donnell ask where in the Constitution it says church should be kept separate from state. (Starts at 2:37.)

Now, either she really doesn’t know, which is bad, or she is quibbling over semantics (it doesn’t actually say “the separation of church and state”) because she doesn’t think church should be separate from state, which is worse.

Take your pick.


Campaign Ad of the Day: Christine O’Donnell: She’s not a witch. She’s you. Unless you’re a witch. In which case, she’s not you.

Because she’s not a witch.


Crazyass Christine O’Donnell Thing of the Day: Bill Maher made good on his promise to continue showing embarrassing archival footage of Christine O’Donnell being batshit on Politically Incorrect, and yanked out a doozy on last night’s Real Time in which O’Donnell claims “evolution is a myth,” and offers as proof the “fact” that monkeys are no longer “evolving into humans.”

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March To Keep Fear Alive of the Day: Then this happened.

Book your rooms now.


UPDATE: Keep Fear Alive.

Tweet of the Day: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid responds to Lady Gaga via Twitter on the subject of domestic policy.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.


I also don’t know how I feel about this.

I agree, and anyone who runs off saying miseducated things really needs to ‘get with it’ because this is what causes the rift amoungst people, and its a shame.

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The dumbest controversy in the history of mankind…


I agree, and anyone who runs off saying miseducated things really needs to ‘get with it’ because this is what causes the rift amoungst people, and its a shame.

(via cbwriter, rupefiasco)

The dumbest controversy in the history of mankind…


This Is Informative, You Should Watch It of the Day: New Left Media’s Chase Whiteside interviews attendees at Glenn Beck’s non-political “Restoring Honor” rally in DC.

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Stop What You’re Doing And Read The Hell Out Of This of the Day: So here’s the story so far: The controversial pro-legalization “Yes On Prop 19” ads, which were infamously rejected by Facebook, were earlier today resoundingly rejected by Condé Nast, and Reddit — Condé Nast’s most visible online property — was banned from posting them.

The Reddit mods responded by releasing a statement on the site saying they vehemently disagreed with Condé Nast on this issue, and that they were in the process of “trying to convince Corporate that they’re making the wrong decision.” Condé Nast refused to relent and issued a statement of their own, saying, “As a corporation, Condé Nast does not want to benefit financially from this particular issue.” 

No problem, said the mods. “Since we’re not allowed to benefit financially, reddit is now running the ads for free.” Nice. The Redditors, for their part, got in on the fun by ensuring a post titled “YES to Prop 19; NO to corporate censorship” garnered the top spot on the front page, and by spamming many subreddits with the notorious ad until they were all full up (see above).

With seemingly irreconcilable differences between Reddit and its parent company, the question becomes: Where do we go from here?

In an e-mail to The Daily What, Ben Huh, CEO and Founder of the Cheezburger Network, offers a whopper of a solution:

Condé Nast, I’m publicly offering to buy Reddit.

Hi TDWers, I’m Ben Huh, and I run the Cheezburger Network (which includes The Daily What, if you were too Prop 19’d to notice). I have made this offer privately to a few people associated with Reddit, and I’ll say it publicly now:

I believe that Reddit is one of the best communities I have seen on the Internet. I also believe that Reddit would benefit from more resources and less corporate interference. We can offer all of the above. And we’d love to buy Reddit and all those pesky troublesome users that we love so much.

Condé, we’ll be waiting for a call.


Ben Huh.

I, for one, can’t wait to see what happens next.

[screencap: reddit.]

Dear politicians: More of this, please. Stand up for what you believe in. Vote with your heart, vote for what’s right, represent your people. Be impassioned and compassionate and fired up. I love it. The more I see and hear and read about Anthony Weiner, the more I dig his vibe. 

Also, watch John Stewart interview Anthony Weiner on The Daily Show. Great stuff.

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Just watch this.

Women of New York, if you see Rep. Anthony Weiner walking down the street, do the right thing and offer that man a friendly blowjob. (via)

On my way to Kew Gardens with kneepads.


LOLWUT of the Day: Redditor choochy claims to have stumbled upon this lulzy bumper sticker at his conservative parents house.

Either the Oregon Tea Party has joined forces with They Who Must Not Be Named, or someone be trollin’ like a Scandinavian storyteller.

Somehow I can’t see this ending well.


You’re Doing It Right of the Day: You know how I know you’re the most hateful organization on the planet? The Ku Klux Klan repudiated you on their official website.